About Us

Welcome to Get Within Earshot, where no matter what your budget is, I strive to match you to the headphones you need and demand in today’s world of hi-fi music and online gaming.


Being interested in music is something that’s in my blood. As a boy, I grew up listening to country music and 50’s and 60’s music that my parents played. Occasionally I’d flip the channel and hear some crazy stuff called disco! As the 80’s era came into effect, my friends and I would sit in the driveway of his house listening to the radio on his parents’ car. I don’t think they were too impressed the next morning when they tried to head off to work and the battery was dead!

Eventually I bought my first album (yup, the old vinyl discs) – it was Pat Benatar’s Live from Earth. I think it’s safe to say as a young pre-pubescent boy, that I bought the album solely for the pictures on the back.

Fast forward a few years and I had amassed one of the largest collections of tapes (yup – a step up from the vinyl discs) you’ve ever seen. I’d spent all my money from part time jobs on music, headphones, and players. Eventually I started mixing my own and selling them to local DJ’s for use in clubs. As the 80’s began to sun-set, I found myself with a wide range of tastes from country and folk to heavy metal.

The 90’s brought in gangster rap and grunge. I even frequented the ol’ Phoenix Underground in Seattle, famous for up and coming artists. I even shared a beer with James Brown in a quiet little pub on the outskirts of Seattle.

Music of the 2000’s is heavy on Autotune with the likes of Britney Spears and pretty much anything up to today’s date. I also do the music for my son’s junior hockey team and I’ve been following a lot of professional DJ’s that do music for the NHL. This has opened my eyes to electronic/DJ music performed by the likes of such bands as Bassjackers and Funkerman.

No matter what I’m doing – I’m listening to music.

My kids share in my love of music with some of them even finding independent artists on YouTube which we listen to together.


As my tastes in music are huge by any stretch of the imagination, the importance of quality sound is paramount to me. When my wife and I got married, one of our big purchases was a home stereo, but it had to be decent and the speakers – PSB’s all the way! That’s great when I’m alone in the house and can shake the windows, but when everyone is around; I need to keep my love of music to myself, especially when others in the house have headed off to bed.

Additionally, both my kids and I are “gamers”. While they’re busy playing World of Warcraft and Fortnight, I’ll be tossing shells across the battlefield in World of Tanks. It just so happens, that the “computer room” is right below the master bedroom and as they say, “Happy Wife – Happy Life”. I must admit, there was no beating around the bush when she came downstairs, smiled and said “Honey, you need to get headphones”. Therein began my journey to find decent headphones that would do everything I wanted.

My daughter has a great pair of headphones (I’ll talk about those later) and my son has broken more than two pairs of another due to poor quality (I’ll also talk about this later too). So, this site serves to fill a need – a need to help you, not go through as much pain as I went through trying to find headphones.


No, definitely not. I’m extremely athletic, hitting the gym a good 5 days a week and then jogging in my spare time with my kids. Music keeps us all going, so not only will I cover headphones, but I also plan to discuss and cover earbuds as well.

If I get a bit more daring as the site progresses, I might dive into DJ’ing and the equipment needed to pull it off successfully.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to e-mail me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Get Within Earshot