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Headphones are a device that can plug into your computer or any audio device such as a smartphone, portal music device (e.g. iPod), or your home stereo. Headphones are either wireless and utilize Bluetooth technology to sync your headphones to your device, or they’re wired and directly connected to the audio source.

The headphones themselves are worn around the head with speakers embedded in the ear cups to allow the user to privately listen to music or sounds without bothering anyone around them. Today headphones allow the user to listen to a range of audio sources and compressed audio sources, including online music streaming (160kbps), MP3’s (320kbps), CD Music (1,411kbps), and High-Resolution Sound (9,216kbps).

The main difference between headphones and headsets is that headphones do not have a microphone attached to them to allow the recording or communication. Because of this, manufacturers of headphones traditionally encase their headphones with top-quality speakers that can range beyond the sound frequencies heard by the human ear. They also tend to offer a better-quality product with top-quality materials and sliding adjusters to allow the headset to easily fit the shape of your head.