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Headsets, like headphones are a device that can plug into your computer or any audio device such as a smartphone, portal music device (e.g. iPod), or your home stereo. Headsets are either wireless and utilize Bluetooth technology to sync your headset to your device, or they’re wired and directly connected to the audio source.

The main difference between headphones and headsets is that headphones do not have a microphone attached to them to allow the recording or communication. Headsets ship with a microphone either attached with a folding microphone (swivels up or down when in use), or inserted telescopically into one of the ear cups. Some entry level headsets have a fixed microphone attached to one of the ear cups that does not move or adjust.

The headsets themselves are worn around the head with speakers embedded in the ear cups to allow the user to privately listen to music or sounds without bothering anyone around them. Today headsets allow the user to listen to a range of audio sources and compressed audio sources, including online music streaming (160kbps), MP3’s (320kbps), and CD Music (1,411kbps). Higher-end headsets will allow the user to listen to High-Resolution Sound (9,216kbps), which are normally found in high-end headphones.

Headphones and headsets come with an added feature of noise-cancellation or noise-reduction, where a microphone is inserted into the ear cups which uses a specialized computer chip to mask the ambient sounds around the user. More information on this can be found on my post Noise Reduction Headphones – How they work.