REVIEW: Logitech G633

Logitech G633 Retail Packaging

Logitech released the Artemis Spectrum G633 headset back in the fall of 2015 along with its wireless brother the G933 and became available to the public early in 2016. These headsets replace the older G35 and G930 respectively.

Logitech launched the G35 back in 2009 as their first gaming headset, so after six years, the G633 was long awaited by gamers. Unfortunately, both the G633 and G933 win the UGLY AWARD. Not only are they ugly, but the cheap plastic that creaks and cracks on these things are just awful.

On paper, both headsets impress, but the reality is these are by far the ugliest ducklings in the headset industry. The overall look and feel of these is so bad, that it’s left people wondering if there’s someone in Logitech’s R&D department that is actively sabotaging their headsets.

However, if you can look past their extremely cheap plastic construction and overall “Tchotchke” look and feel and features, then these might be right for you. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Audio: The audio frequency range of the Logitech G633 has a response range of 20Hz on the low end to 20kHz on the high end. While it matches the exact audible range of the human ear, it doesn’t go far enough to match the range of its competitors like the Razer Kraken. With other competitors expanding the frequency range, I did find this a bit disappointing with the Artemis Spectrum, only because there was no improvement over the older G35 model.

Connections: Another oddity with the G633 is that it comes with two (2) input/output jacks. It comes with a smaller 5ft 3.5mm cable to use on your PS4 gaming console, or a larger 10ft USB cable. Most manufacturers belong to one camp – either the 3.5mm cable, or the USB, but rarely both. The Steelseries Arctis 7 uses both, but in a different format, where it uses the 3.5mm cable to ‘share’ the audio with a friend (not sure how useful that feature is on the Arctis 7). Personally, if I were in-charge at Logitech, I’d settle on one or the other. What’s also interesting, is only the 3.5mm cable has an in-line controller for volume. The USB cable is thick, long, and has no cable management whatsoever, so if you don’t need 10ft of it, then you’re on your own to break out the twist-ties from the supermarket to keep this tightly looped.

Logitech G633 Left Ear Cup with audio and input controls

Both cables plug into the left ear cup, so if you get up and move beyond cable reach (or in my case, if you have dogs that tangle themselves in the cables), the cable will unplug from the headset and not ruin your device. Honestly, I think all wired headsets should have this feature in today’s day and age.

Microphone: The microphone on the G633 is really where these model shines over its competition. The microphone slides in and out of the microphone housing on the left ear cup and can be rotated up and down out of the way. When the microphone is fully inserted into the microphone housing, it mutes the mic (an amazing bonus feature by the way). Additionally, when the microphone is inserted into the mute position, the headset, equipped with RGB lighting, flashes red temporarily to let people know you’re on mute.

When using the 3.5mm cable, the in-line controller can also control the microphone.

When testing the microphone out, the sound was crystal clear. I had people commenting to me that I sounded just like I was in the room beside them. Unlike the Cloud Alpha Pro headset which sounded as if I had my nose plugged, the G633 is of such good quality, I sounded as if I was on a land-line phone. If you’re looking for a headset to use for recording audio, without having to purchase a professional microphone, then I’d honestly give this unit a try.

Cushions: The G633 Artemis uses memory foam construction, covered with a cloth mesh to allow your ears to breathe. I never experienced hot ears with these headphones (a huge selling feature for me), but when looking online, I found a lot of users complaining about these cushions and wanting something else. Another issue for these headphones is the design of the ear cups, for if you’re wanting to get aftermarket cushions (e.g. leather), then you’re really limited on choices, as these are the only headsets on the market that use this trapezoid shape.

Logitech G633 and G933 Headband Adjuster

Headband & Adjuster: The headband on the Artemis is a thin plastic slider with a round channel where the wires run through. It’s nearly identical to the Siberia 150 by SteelSeries, which my son has broken TWICE. Over time, I’d bet this will be the weak-point in the construction of these headphones, as it’s likely to break after repeated flexing when taking the headset on/off your head. Time will tell with this, but my immediate recommendation is to take this unit on/off your head with 2 hands to reduce the flexing/bending at this critical joint.

Like similar plastic adjusters, this one adjusts a few millimeters at a time, which allow for micro adjustments on both sides to fit your head decently.

The headband is made from a similar material as the ear cup cushions – memory foam covered with a cloth mesh, however I found the memory foam in the headband to be a bit sturdier/denser than the ear cushion. For this reason I feel this will be a much more durable than the ear cushions, however I did wonder how you would go about cleaning/washing that cloth material. Over time I think that cloth material will get greasy and dirty with little/no way of cleaning it other than trying to wipe it down with a cloth. My preference is that the actual headband on any headset or headphones be made from a leather or leatherette material that can easily be wiped down to remove grease and grime. I had a headset years ago with this same cloth material and the filth it gathered was unbelievable.

Another point to note with the G633 and G933, is the squeeze effect they have on your head when being worn. I don’t have an overly large head by any stretch of the imagination, however after gaming with the G633 for two hours, I found myself getting a headache from the pressure these exerted on my head. I’m sure this would ease up after a couple of months, but I’d be very concerned if you have a large head as I think this pressure would remain regardless.


Using the Logitech Gaming Software, you’re able to customize the headsets to your preference, as well as configuring all the buttons on the headset to specific macros.

Screenshot of the Logitech Gaming Software which is used to configure the headsets.

The lighting on the Artemis has two areas that you can customize – the lighting strip itself around the ear cups, as well as the logo. The Artemis can be customized to upwards of 16.8 million colors – more than enough for anyone!

What I Like

The one thing I really like about the G633 is its connections. I’m not sure why other manufacturers don’t do this, but connecting the wires to the headset itself, allows for a safety feature where the cable will eject if it reaches its limit. I’m only aware of a couple other headsets that do this – the rest plug in, so when you reach the limited, it either pulls from the PC, or breaks the headset connection internally. Note to other manufacturers – get with the program and start doing this with all headsets regardless of price point.

The thing I liked most about these Artemis headsets is the microphone. The microphone is so good on these, that you can use them to record video without sounding like your either breathing bubbles from a fishbowl, or nasally. In my professional opinion, this is the best microphone on any headset in the entire industry and the competition needs to take notice.

What I Don’t Like

For me, sound is everything. I found the sound limited on these units by only going from 20-20K Hz. With Logitech’s competitors going beyond this sound spectrum (both on the low and high ends), it really felt to me that Logitech is missing the mark and could ‘do better’ with their headsets.

The number one thing that I just could not overlook is the ugly factor. I’m going to be 110% honest with you here, in that I had sourced the G933 Artemis for myself for my own PC as I wanted the wireless feature and everything else about these on paper sounded great. When I saw them, I was completely shocked. I really can’t begin to tell you how shocked I was, but I stood there staring at them for a good 15 minutes, unable to comprehend why a company like Logitech that focuses on “gaming” would product such an ugly headset. I picked them up and moved them around and the cheap plastic and creaky sounds they were doing was just too much. For my own “personal” selection, I could not overlook this and passed on the headset. From looking at comments from other users online, they felt the same way and I can’t help but think Logitech is losing MILLIONS per year by producing such an ugly headset. I think if I was at the helm at Logitech, I’d fire the head of the R&D department and/or maybe the team that designed these and begin re-engineering a new headset that uses industry standard ear cushions and looks stylish.

Verdict – Would I Buy It Again?

Thank goodness I didn’t order these online, or I’d be ‘stuck’ with the ugliest headset ever made. I was able to “try before I buy” with these and they quickly found their way back to the store after being mocked incessantly by my family for having a headset that was blessed by the ugly stick. Repeatedly being told “Dad, you look like a moron wearing those” by my kids was just too much.

Sure, looks aren’t everything with a headset, but I just could not get over this. I would not buy these to begin with and I think if someone gifted me a pair, I’d return them as quick as I could for something more appealing.

Detailed Product Information

Product: Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum – RGB 7.1 Dolby
Price: $149.99
Cheapest place to buy: Amazon
Warranty: 3 Years
My Rating: 6 out of 10

13 thoughts on “REVIEW: Logitech G633

  • June 28, 2018 at 2:52 pm

    What a great product review
    I will inform my grandson as he is a big gamer and wants to look cool as kids do
    Very informative

  • June 28, 2018 at 9:11 pm

    Your perspective is a great read. I’m curious to know how you learned to write such good product reviews. I own a pair of Bose QC25 Headphones and they still work great although the foam earmuff part is beginning to tear off.

    • June 30, 2018 at 11:46 am

      Hi Logan, the reason I write such detailed product reviews, is I found myself in the situation last year where I needed to get a new set of headphones for myeslf. My needs are different than the needs of my kids, so I went looking online and found most reviews out there “lacking”. For the most part, all the online reviews I found, focused on re-selling the product to the reader, rather than being 100% honest with them. Which is why in my reviews, there’s stuff I like and stuff I don’t like and I’ll give an honest review on if I’d actually buy the product again. Thanks for reading!

      As for your QC25’s – you can get replacement foam cushions for these off eBay or Amazon for less than $20US and then your headphones will be as good as new!

  • June 30, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    Hi Dave

    This is great product review, as a gamer going through a mid life crisis, i am in desperate need of a new set of head phones, and after reading your review, i’m sold.
    Keep up the posts as you go into so much detail, which is good.

    Thanks Chris

  • June 30, 2018 at 7:31 pm

    I like the fact that you had tried the headset. I agree with you that Logitech G633 do look Ugly, but I know a few people love it. They love the headset for its quality and price. I do not own one, but my friends have told me this is the best headset they can find that fit their budget. No one complains about the sound at all. Maybe they do not care about the range limitation like you. They all love the lighting feature which seems to look cool as I watched them playing games with the headset. About the headset adjuster, my friend has this for a while now, but it’s still going strong. It actually holds up pretty good. Not breaking yet, just don’t know when. LOL.

    • June 30, 2018 at 7:34 pm

      Thanks for sharing! They’re a solid headset, that’s for sure – I just couldn’t get over the ugly factor, or the cheap plastic.

  • June 30, 2018 at 10:04 pm

    You give such a thorough review! This is a rare thing to find on most blogs nowadays. It’s funny that you created this review now because I’m actually on the market for new ear buds/headphones so I just may check these out as an option.

  • July 1, 2018 at 12:17 am

    This is one of the most comprehensive reviews! I like your personal touch with the “UGLY” award. Ha ha. Very nice! I agree with you on the ugliness by the way. It’s good you also reference a better competitor brand and include the link so that someone can compare immediately. And I also agree that sound is everything. It could even be ugly but if the sound is not up to par then it is not worth it at all. That squeeze effect does not sound too cool either. This kind of review is really helpful.

  • July 1, 2018 at 2:55 am

    I am looking for a good and not expensive headset and thanks to your honest review I can reject this product and keep looking. The sound for me is everything and the look is not so important. Whatsoever, this headset isn’t even looking cool, and as you say the sound is also not so good, so I don’t see the need to buy them. Thanks for your honest review, you helped me a lot!

  • July 1, 2018 at 3:58 am

    Awesome review! I was looking for a headset for my little brother that’s into gaming and this one I’ll avoid now for sure! Especially because he’s quite meticulous when it comes to look, with teenagers it just has to look cool!

  • July 1, 2018 at 8:21 am

    Thank you for this honest review I am with you I think they missed the mark with this headset. I really don’t care what they look like but the cheap plastic they are made with worries me about how long they will last.

  • July 3, 2018 at 6:22 pm

    Hi! you gave a very good review and I love your honesty! I am actually looking for another headset with a microphone (I use it more for conference call and recording audio)… I see that you are very genuine and honest so I would love to get your expertise on what you would recommend? Thank you and really looking forward to hear from you.. My headset is really due to be replaced!

    • July 3, 2018 at 7:03 pm

      If you’re looking for a headset that you can do decent recordings on, then I’d look to the Sennheiser series. They have by far, the best quality microphones in the business. I’m currently doing a review of their GSP 350 model (should be out on my site this week), but I have to admit, it’s a big ugly. If audio quality (from the mic) is the most important feature, then Sennheiser’s HM series (HMD-27 and HME-27) is one of the best “prosumer” products on the market. These are used by officials in live broadcasts. If I was going to make a living doing YouTube recordings or professional quality recordings, I’d look to these.

      If price is an issue, I’d still look to the Sennheiser series, but I’d suggest the GSP 600. It’s a jack of all trades, but has the best microphone in any retail grade headset.


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